Monday, August 14, 2023

Exciting Captain Hawklin News...

I'm happy to announce that Stormgate Press will be publishing the very first Captain Hawklin Comic Book to be written by me (Charles F. Millhouse) and illustrated by Jerry Lambert. Jerry is a lifelong comic book collector and an amazing artist from Gallipolis Ohio. Together we will be sending Steven Hawklin and his companions, Hardy and Oz on an amazing adventure. We will be joined on this journey by Charles Davenport, the creator of The Family Orbitz Comic Book series who will provide the lettering and touch-ups for final publication.  

We hope in the next few months to share more details and maybe even some snippets of the art as we embark on the next exciting adventure for Captain Hawklin and crew.  

Monday, August 7, 2023

Aug 12 & 13

 For the first time STORMGATE PRESS will have two tables at a convention. 

Join us in Huntington WV at 1 Civic Center Plaza for the Huntington Comic & Toy Convention Saturday & Sunday August 12 & 13.

Friday, July 14, 2023

More Captain Hawklin Coming...

Captain Steven Hawklin has fought evils all over the world from the Secrets of Monster Island, to the Anubis Curse. Now the Captain will face his greatest challenge,  the Second World War. Coming in 2024: Captain Hawklin at War (CHAW) will follow Steven Hawklin as he is thrust into the most horrific time in human history. CHAW will explore the years of 1940-1945 as he battles the dark forces of the Axis powers, thrown into situations that the Allied forces are unprepared to face. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Complete Captain Hawklin Ebook Box Set for $9.99

 For over Ten years Captain Steven Hawklin has thrilled readers young and old alike, sending them to the uncharted reaches of the world, from the mysterious Monster Island to the hidden Subterranean Empire of Suversia. Captain Hawklin along with his trusted allies, Hardy and Oz, have circled the globe facing one adventure after another.The Complete  

This Captain Hawklin Collection Ebook Box Set contains all ten novels in the popular New Pulp series. including: 

The Secrets of Monster Island 

The Invisible Enemy 

The Subterranean Empire 

The Jade Dragon 

The Underwater Menace 

The Lost Land 

The Ghost Army 

The Shadow Men 

The Skyhook Pirates 

The Anubis Curse  

Rather you're a long time fan of the series, or finding it for the first time, Captain Hawklin is a fast paced edge of your seat thrill ride and a great addition to any pulp lover's ebook collection.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The Final 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

Happy New Year… and congratulations to Mike Ebbert for winning the Captain Hawklin Crusader Pack Grand Prize Giveaway. 

He will receive: 
- All ten novels in the Captain Hawklin series signed by creator Charles F Millhouse. 
- A set of all 12 cards in the Official Captain Hawklin Card Set. 
- A Hawklin Crusader T-Shirt. 
- A copy of The Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin (released in January 2023) signed by cover creator Jeffrey Hayes and authors Charles F Millhouse Brian K Morris Clyde Hall Marlin Williams & Bobby Nash 

We also have two runner ups, Erik Carlson and Jeff Mejia who will receive a copy of a Captain Hawklin Omnibus.… and again, congratulations, Crusaders… 

This draws the 10th Anniversary of Captain Hawklin to a close. Thank you to everyone who helped in the celebration, it’s been an AMAZING year!!! 

Only 5 years to the explosive 15th anniversary celebration, start counting the days.

The Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin NOW in Paperback...

The five ebook short stories, written by Brian K. Morris, Clyde Hall, Bobby Nash, Charles F. Millhouse and Marlin Williams are now collected in a new paperback available on Amazon

Everyone knows of Captain Steven Hawklin. His exploits on Monster Island, his ascent into the Subterranean Empire and his countless encounters with his arch nemesis Maximilian Odenthal. Beyond those famous encounters, there are journeys that have remained secret… until now. 

Collected in this volume are tales of danger, intrigue and high-flying action that will bring the Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin to light. 

Hawklin creator, Charles F. Millhouse is joined by fellow Pulp authors, Clyde Hall, Brian K. Morris, Bobby Nash and Marlin Williams to bring you five unforgettable stories of one of New Pulp’s most endearing characters. 

If you’re a longtime Hawklin fan or discovering the character for the very first time. Now’s the time to CHOOSE THE ADVENTURE…!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Pulp Reality 4 Coming in November...

The Award-Winning Pulp Reality returns with another action-packed issue featuring some of the best authors and artists in the New Pulp genre. 

Featured in this issue are Charles F. Millhouse, Bobby Nash, Clyde Hall, Brian K. Morris, Brian Rodman, Rick Bradly, Jeffrey Ray Hayes, Clayton Murwin, Ted Davies, Stephen Burks and Erikius Castro. 

From high-flying action to the ghostly hauntings at #17, to off-world mayhem, PR4 has something for everyone. 

Inspired by the Pulp Magazines from the 1930’s and 40’s Pulp Reality is a throwback to days gone by. Take a seat, sit back and be whisked away to Adventure.