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Thursday, December 10, 2020


Out with the old and in with the new. The Captain Hawklin Adventure series has a worldwide audience and fans from all walks of life. I created the series in 2012 as a way to fuel my desire for pulp stories. (Little did I know there was a new movement called New Pulp springing up). I had no idea the series would get the attention it now has, and I'm humbled and excited for the chance to share his exploits with many of his Crusaders.

I feel now that when I published his third adventure "The Subterranean Empire" in 2015, I dropped the ball not only on the cover (Let's face it, it's not my favorite) and on some portions of the editing. Let's just say since 2015, the way Stormgate Press produces books has changed for the better. 

I'm happy to announce that the book has a new lease on life, with a brand new cover by Damián Avilés, who has provided covers for other Captain Hawklin books, "The Shadow Men" and "The Lost Land" as well as the cover for Pulp Reality #1, which also includes art by Damián for my Zane Carrington story inside that issue.

I'm sure you'll agree the new cover is outstanding. I want to thank Damián for his incredible work, as usual.

With a new cover, comes a Brand New edit, tightening the story up, fixing some issues as well as tweaking the story to fit in with the "Hawklin Lore" (when the book was written, the continuity was still very much in flux). 

So, if you haven't had a chance to read Captain Hawklin and the Subterranean Empire... the new edits, and cover will be available within the next week, on amazon in paperback and ebook.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Zane Carrington

Zane Holden Carrington was born May 4, 1905. His father Walter was a well-known Lawyer in New York known for many high profile cases. Zane grew up idolizing his father with ambitions of becoming a lawyer himself. 

Zane was an All-American boy. Football star in high school and voted most likely to succeed. He met Diana Burtok his freshman year of college and they quickly fell in love, yet she had another suitor. Jessep Winthrop traveled in the same circles as Zane. Went to the same college, played on the same sports teams. By all rights they should have been friends, yet they were rivals in every sense of the word. From cars, to sports and even women. Although Diana wanted noting to do with Jessep, he wouldn't halt his pursuit, even after Zane warned him to keep away from her.

On the evening of October 18, 1928 Jessup killed Diana in a fit of rage. Leaving her broken body on the steps of her parents home in West Village. Zane was furrious and tracked Jessup to his family's cabin in the Catskills where he shot him dead. Zane was arrested with the smoldering gun in his hand and Jessup's still warm body at his feet.

Zane faced the death penalty and even his father feared there was no way to prevent him from going to the electric chair. Zane's mother, Wanda pleaded with Walter to save her son, and he boldly whisked Zane off to the Orient. A wanted man, Zane took a job on the tramp steamer Algiers figuring it was better to be at sea than on land. The Winthrop family placed a bounty on his head so high, even Zane thought about turning himself in for the reward.

By 1933 Zane was owner and captain of the Algiers. An adventurer for hirer, who kept at sea avoiding bounty hunters and keeping himself inconspicuous as possible, except for the times he would get involved with Captain Steven Hawklin - and those would get him into a world of trouble. 

Zane Carrington's first chronological appearance, was in Captain Hawklin and the Secrets of Monster Island. Becoming a fan favorite, Zane also appeared in Captain Hawklin and the Underwater Menace and Captain Hawklin and the Ghost Army. His first solo story appears in the just released PULP REALITY #1 in a story titled: Testament of a Forgotten God. Look for more of his exploits in the near future.

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Car chases, two-fisted heroes, underwater mayhem, the coming of B-Man...!! This is Pulp Reality. A collection of seven short stories from today’s top authors and artists in the genre of NEW PULP. Take a seat, as we pull back the curtain on days gone by – with heroic escapades of yesteryear and edge of your seat adventures in the vein of the old pulps from the golden-age of storytelling.
Paperback on AMAZON:
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Ebook coming 2021 

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When Aviators Meet

I first published Captain Hawklin in 2012 with Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates. After I published it I thought that was it, I'd never write another one. Then strangely people bought it, and liked what they read. So I wrote a second one, Captain Hawklin and the Underwater Menace and by then I knew it would be a full-blown series.I decided not to write the adventures in chronological order, instead penning the stories in a way to entertain the reader by not bogging down the story with a continuous underlying story (though there are little easter eggs of the Osiris Project gone wrong laced throughout the tales).                                                                      Little did I know Captain Hawklin would gain a small but loyal following, including some heavy hitters in the New Pulp genre, so I was floored when Bobby Nash and Brian K Morris wanted to write tales of Captain Hawklin in PULP REALITY #1 I mean how cool is that?

Brian K Morris is a well-known writer, and vidcaster, hosting a series of shows on facebook. His story for the intrepid Captain is called CAPTAIN HAWKLIN and the CLOCKWORK BUCCANEER. in it, he creates a villain so outlandish, it leaves you wanting more. A clockwork man, bent on serving his Nazi masters, and out to kill Captain Hawklin. It's simply a marvel to read.

Bobby Nash is the author of countless books, short stories and comics. 
He's best known for his SNOW series
In Pulp Reality he sends Captain Hawklin to Scavenger Quay where he meets Lance Star (bobby's own aviator adventure hero) and together they blow a lot of stuff up, while cementing their rocky relationship - think of it when the JLA and JSA used to meet in the comics (or as Bobby calls it: When Titans Tussel). Star and Hawklin's adventure was so fun, expect them to team up again in an adventure penned by yours truly some time in the very near future.

Find out more about Brian K. Morris at and Bobby Nash at 

Pulp Reality #1 - will be released December 1st by Stormgate Press, for $9.99. Watch for the official announcement soon.        

Monday, November 2, 2020


Captain Hawklin will be well represented in the first issue of Pulp Reality 


Sunday, June 28, 2020


Deep in the Amazon Rain Forrest, there is a legend of a lost Mayan city, protected by an army of the dead.

In a desperate pursuit to find the city, Captain Steven Hawklin and his sister, Juno Li are pitted against a ruthless Nazi general with delusions of world domination.

Surrounded by cutthroats and villains at every turn, Steven, and Juno team up with an unlikely hero, as they race across South America to find and protect the secrets of the ancient city.

Captain Hawklin and the Ghost Army is a throwback to yesteryear. With high-flying action, two-fisted heroes and devilish villains – in the tradition of Doc Savage, Commando Cody and the Rocketeer.