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Steven Hawklin was born on August 15, 1893 and grew up in the shadow of his father, Thomas. 

Thomas Hawklin was part of a long line of Hawklin shipbuilders. A man of the sea, he kept that custom going, building ships for the United States government, with hopes of Steven continuing the tradition. Those hopes were dashed however when Steven announced he wanted to be a pilot and he intended to follow his passion of being an aviator. Thomas and Steven had a falling out with Thomas telling Steven he was a fool and there was no future in aviation. 

At twenty-years old Steven left to follow his dream. Soon after Steven left, the Great War in Europe began, and Steven saw an opportunity to advance his piloting skills and join a British fighting force. When America entered the war, he was allowed to join the American pilots and flew combat missions alongside other pioneers such as Eddie Rickenbacker and David Peterson, quickly achieving the rank of Captain. 

While stationed in Europe, Steven met Hardy Miller who worked as a mechanic on the combat planes and the two quickly became friends. Soon after the war, Steven and Hardy set out seeking adventure and fortune across the world traveling to many exotic places. When they arrived in Egypt to work on an archaeological dig with Professor Lucas Gray, they met Oz Lyman. After his global escapades, Steven returned to his home, Crown City, California where he put his newfound wealth to work for him, creating Hawklin Aviation, and building the world's largest flight school where he began training his Crusaders, combat pilots to fly in the nation’s only privately funded air force. 

With the support of President Roosevelt, Steven built a fleet of Silver Avengers, warplanes to patrol America’s western shores. The 1930’s were a turbulent time, with the great depression and the world approaching a second world war, Steven found himself up against many adversaries out for world domination, or personal gain at the misfortune of others. 

With his two trusted friends, Hardy and Oz, Steven faced those challenges head on preparing themselves for the evils looming on the horizon. 

Hardy Regan Miller was born January 10th, 1890. 

A born mechanic, Hardy grew up working on engines with his grandfather who was personal friends with Henry Ford. As engines became more advanced so did Hardy’s proficiency.  At 18, he worked closely with Henry Ford and designing new technology for the combustible engine. 

Hardy grew up in Ohio and met the Wright Brothers in 1911 studying aviation and becoming close friends with Wilbur until the pioneer’s death in 1912. It was Hardy’s apprenticeship with the Wrights that led him to his lifelong obsession with flying and the mechanics behind aviation. 

In 1917, when America entered the First World War, Hardy joined the Air Service (he was 27). There he met a young brash hotshot pilot named Steven Hawklin – a friendship that would endure for the rest of his life. 

The pair would travel the world together after the war, finding many adventures throughout the 1920’s a precursor to what they would face in the years to come. After their global escapades, Hardy returned with Steven to Crown City, California where Steven put his newfound wealth to work for them, creating Hawklin Aviation, and building the world’s largest flight school where they began training pilots that would become Hawklin’s Crusaders – flying the most advanced planes ever built, “The Silver Avenger”, powered by engines designed by Hardy himself. 

Throughout the turbulent 1930’s, Hardy and Steven met many challenges, pitting them against enemies both foreign and domestic as the world raced toward a second global conflict that would not only test Hardy and Steven’s mantle but their friendship as well.

Oscar “Oz” Lyman was born on June 8th, 1895 and grew up in Chicago. In his teenage years he worked for the Eastman Gang, an organized group made up mostly of Irish and Italian Catholics.

Throughout the first part of the 20th century he delivered, “packages” from one location to another. It wasn’t until he was 17 that Oz met, Bruno Cossa, a mechanic who wanted nothing to do with the Eastman Gang. He took Oz under his wing and taught him how to work on automobiles, and Oz found he had a knack for combustion engines. When Bruno was murdered by the Eastman gang, Oz ran away from Chicago at 19 leaving the idea of organized crime behind him. 

For the next several years Oz traveled the United states working in garages or in areas that had no mechanics. When the United States entered the First World War, Oz joined the army, seeing combat in the trenches of France. 

He was assigned to the 77th division in June of 1918 where he was among the 554 men lost in the Argonne Forest in October of the same year. It became known as the Lost Battalion. From that experience Oz took a vow of non-aggression becoming a pacifist, swearing to never take another human life. 

After the war, Oz traveled the world alone, where he met Steven Hawklin and Hardy Miller, in 1926 Cairo, where they encountered an ancient tomb guarded by a living mummy and set the events for the group over the next decade. 

Soon after the events in Egypt, Oz found employment with the Legendary Big Game Hunter, Frank Buck, who he worked with for four years, until crossing paths again with Steven and Hardy on the infamous Monster Island. 

Oz settled into his life in Crown City, after returning from the South China Sea, becoming chief mechanic and tinkerer for Captain Steven Hawklin.

Zane Holden Carrington was born May 4, 1905.

His father Walter was a well-known Lawyer in New York known for many high profile cases. Zane grew up idolizing his father with ambitions of becoming a lawyer himself. Zane was an All-American boy. Football star in high school and voted most likely to succeed. 

He met Diana Burtok his freshman year of college and they quickly fell in love, yet she had another suitor. Jessep Winthrop traveled in the same circles as Zane. Went to the same college, played on the same sports teams. By all rights they should have been friends, yet they were rivals in every sense of the word. From cars, to sports and even women. Although Diana wanted nothing to do with Jessep, he wouldn't halt his pursuit, even after Zane warned him to keep away from her. 

On the evening of October 18, 1928 Jessup killed Diana in a fit of rage. Leaving her broken body on the steps of her parents home in West Village. Zane was furrious and tracked Jessup to his family's cabin in the Catskills where he shot him dead. 

Zane was arrested with the smoldering gun in his hand and Jessup's still warm body at his feet. Zane faced the death penalty and even his father feared there was no way to prevent him from going to the electric chair. Zane's mother, Wanda pleaded with Walter to save her son, and he boldly whisked Zane off to the Orient. 

A wanted man, Zane took a job on the tramp steamer Algiers figuring it was better to be at sea than on land. The Winthrop family placed a bounty on his head so high, even Zane thought about turning himself in for the reward. 

By 1933 Zane was owner and captain of the Algiers. An adventurer for hire, who kept at sea avoiding bounty hunters and keeping himself inconspicuous as possible, except for the times he would get involved with Captain Steven Hawklin - and those would get him into a world of trouble. 

Zane Carrington's first chronological appearance, was in Captain Hawklin and the Secrets of Monster Island. Becoming a fan favorite, Zane also appeared in Captain Hawklin and the Underwater Menace and Captain Hawklin and the Ghost Army. His first solo story appears in the just released PULP REALITY #1 in a story titled: Testament of a Forgotten God. His next story The Stowaway can be found as a backup story in Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy Look for more of his exploits in the near future.

Desa Lynn, Gabel, Wintergreen was born September 9, 1895, in London England. 

The daughter of Lord Vinton Gabel, she was reared with the prospects of marrying into one of the noble houses of Great Britain, but when her father was caught up in a scandal her prospects quickly faded. Refusing to be taken pity on, Desa enrolled in school, but she was met with ridicule and disdain at every attempt. Ladies, even ones of a shamed house, were hard pressed to be anything more than the wife of a Lord, yet none would approach in fear of being tied to Lord Gabel’s shame. 

When Desa met Oman Wintergreen in 1915, he refused to be coerced by something as trivial as a humiliated father and proposed to Desa three weeks after their first meeting. To elevate her father, Desa accepted, hoping to bring honor to her family name by marrying one of the most prominent businessmen in England. 

Desa first met Steven Hawklin in 1921, when he and his father Thomas, ventured to England on a business trip. Close in age, they quickly became friends, and she and Steven harbored secret feelings for one another. Out of respect for Orman, Steven never acted on his feelings for her even though it was obvious the two were meant for one another. 

Maximilian Pike Odenthal was born March 15, 1875. 

Born into money, his parents were killed in a boating accident when he was twelve, and he was raised by his paternal Grandparents. Working in the steel mills at fifteen, Maximilian quickly learned the meaning of hard work, and he despised every moment of it. When he was eighteen, his grandparents died in a house fire, and he was the only survivor, leaving him the soul owner of the steel and coal industries built by his family. 

Using his vast wealth, Maximilian began to scour the world for exotic and rare artifacts to learn secrets no other person knew. Having the resources at his disposal he began the search for Atlantis, the Lost Jungle City of Z, and the gateway to the under-city empire of Suversia, yet all his endeavors were fruitless – until he discovered the mysterious Monster Island, where he first encountered Steven Hawklin. Steven considered Maximilian his greatest adversary, encountering him many times over the years the two men have become rivals in every sense of the word.

Juno Li was born July 11, 1905 
Raised by the priests of an ancient Chinese temple. 
The protectors of the Jade Dragon – an artifact that had the ability to alter reality itself. Juno was instructed in many forms of combat – history and different cultures, preparing for a time when she would become the custodian of the artifact. 

Her whole life she prepared to become the rightful heir to the mystical stature, which was originally entrusted to her father, Thomas Hawklin. It wasn’t until Thomas’ untimely death in the Subterranean Empire that Juno learn of her Lineage. Traveling to the United States, she met her brother Steven Hawklin, and convinced him to help her protect the statue before it could fall into the hands of the evil Black Skull. 

When the statue was disposed of, Juno decided to travel the world, to rediscover herself, and a life she never had. For Steven, it was a chance to discover family he never really had.

Professor Lucas Jasper Gray was born in 1866,
though it’s uncertain what the exact date was since his parents died when he was two years old. His adoption papers were lost in a fire, and his adoptive parents never knew for certain what the date was.  Gray attended college at New York University where he studied medicine but switched to archaeology when he met Sarah Wilson who convinced him to change his major. Together they became an unstoppable team and graduated at top of their class in 1891. Soon after they moved to Egypt and worked for the British Museum of Egyptian History.  At the start of the First World War, Gray became the head of Egyptology for the museum and he and Sarah began to plan their wedding. It was at that time however Gray began to have doubts why he was there. The British power over Egypt grew and he detested how the military treated the indigenous people. He began to fall out of favor with the head museum curator and decided it was best that he returned to America.  Two days before he and Sarah were due to return to the States, Sarah was shot and killed when she was caught in a skirmish between the local militia and the English troops. Her death weighed heavy on Gray, and he swore he would live a life of solitude.  Gray didn’t return to Egypt until 1926, to head up an archaeological dig with members from Crown City University. He first met Captain Steven Hawklin, Hardy Miller and Oz Lyman on the dig, where the four of them came face to face with a living mummy. After that encounter, Gray and Captain Hawklin became lifelong friends, where together they met many challenges from the Subterranean Empire of Suversia to the Anubis curse. 

Skyhook: Shrouded in black, the mysterious Skyhook was a scientist and equal to Steven Hawklin,

who he grew to dispise. Though his hatred for Captain Hawklin remained his secret to the very end, Skyhook took it upon himself to destroy everything Steven Hawklin stood for. Even after the truth of his identity was revealed, Skyhook’s presence continued to haunt the captain for years to come.

Shillion Jack:
Head of the cult of Anubis, Jack despised anyone who would rape and steal from his country for their own personal gain. When Professor Lucas Gray came to Egypt to search for the burial tomb of Avorondk, he took it upon himself to place a curse on anyone involved in the search, including Captain Steven Hawklin.  An ally of Skyhook, Jack tried unsuccessfully to kill Captain Hawklin for the sky pirate’s favor.  It wasn’t until the Anubis Curse played out that Shillion Jack met his fate… or did he? 
(More Profiles coming soon)

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