Saturday, November 14, 2020

When Aviators Meet

I first published Captain Hawklin in 2012 with Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates. After I published it I thought that was it, I'd never write another one. Then strangely people bought it, and liked what they read. So I wrote a second one, Captain Hawklin and the Underwater Menace and by then I knew it would be a full-blown series.I decided not to write the adventures in chronological order, instead penning the stories in a way to entertain the reader by not bogging down the story with a continuous underlying story (though there are little easter eggs of the Osiris Project gone wrong laced throughout the tales).                                                                      Little did I know Captain Hawklin would gain a small but loyal following, including some heavy hitters in the New Pulp genre, so I was floored when Bobby Nash and Brian K Morris wanted to write tales of Captain Hawklin in PULP REALITY #1 I mean how cool is that?

Brian K Morris is a well-known writer, and vidcaster, hosting a series of shows on facebook. His story for the intrepid Captain is called CAPTAIN HAWKLIN and the CLOCKWORK BUCCANEER. in it, he creates a villain so outlandish, it leaves you wanting more. A clockwork man, bent on serving his Nazi masters, and out to kill Captain Hawklin. It's simply a marvel to read.

Bobby Nash is the author of countless books, short stories and comics. 
He's best known for his SNOW series
In Pulp Reality he sends Captain Hawklin to Scavenger Quay where he meets Lance Star (bobby's own aviator adventure hero) and together they blow a lot of stuff up, while cementing their rocky relationship - think of it when the JLA and JSA used to meet in the comics (or as Bobby calls it: When Titans Tussel). Star and Hawklin's adventure was so fun, expect them to team up again in an adventure penned by yours truly some time in the very near future.

Find out more about Brian K. Morris at and Bobby Nash at 

Pulp Reality #1 - will be released December 1st by Stormgate Press, for $9.99. Watch for the official announcement soon.        

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