Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Complete Captain Hawklin Ebook Box Set for $9.99

 For over Ten years Captain Steven Hawklin has thrilled readers young and old alike, sending them to the uncharted reaches of the world, from the mysterious Monster Island to the hidden Subterranean Empire of Suversia. Captain Hawklin along with his trusted allies, Hardy and Oz, have circled the globe facing one adventure after another.The Complete  

This Captain Hawklin Collection Ebook Box Set contains all ten novels in the popular New Pulp series. including: 

The Secrets of Monster Island 

The Invisible Enemy 

The Subterranean Empire 

The Jade Dragon 

The Underwater Menace 

The Lost Land 

The Ghost Army 

The Shadow Men 

The Skyhook Pirates 

The Anubis Curse  

Rather you're a long time fan of the series, or finding it for the first time, Captain Hawklin is a fast paced edge of your seat thrill ride and a great addition to any pulp lover's ebook collection.


  1. Was put onto this by @addictedtoadventurechannel on Instagram. Absolute bargain, just started reading it, loving it already.

    1. Hope you found the Captain's Adventures to your liking.