Oscar Oz Lyman

Oscar “Oz” Lyman was born on June 8th, 1895 and grew up in Chicago. In his teenage years he worked for the Eastman Gang, an organized group made up mostly of Irish and Italian Catholics.

Throughout the first part of the 20th century he delivered, “packages” from one location to another. It wasn’t until he was 17 that Oz met, Bruno Cossa, a mechanic who wanted nothing to do with the Eastman Gang. He took Oz under his wing and taught him how to work on automobiles, and Oz found he had a knack for combustion engines. When Bruno was murdered by the Eastman gang, Oz ran away from Chicago at 19 leaving the idea of organized crime behind him. 

For the next several years Oz traveled the United states working in garages or in areas that had no mechanics. When the United States entered the First World War, Oz joined the army, seeing combat in the trenches of France. 

He was assigned to the 77th division in June of 1918 where he was among the 554 men lost in the Argonne Forest in October of the same year. It became known as the Lost Battalion. From that experience Oz took a vow of non-aggression becoming a pacifist, swearing to never take another human life. 

After the war, Oz traveled the world alone, where he met Steven Hawklin and Hardy Miller, in 1926 Cairo, where they encountered an ancient tomb guarded by a living mummy and set the events for the group over the next decade. 

Soon after the events in Egypt, Oz found employment with the Legendary Big Game Hunter, Frank Buck, who he worked with for four years, until crossing paths again with Steven and Hardy on the infamous Monster Island. 

Oz settled into his life in Crown City, after returning from the South China Sea, becoming chief mechanic and tinkerer for Captain Steven Hawklin.

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