Who is Steven Thomas Hawklin

Steven Hawklin was born on August 15, 1893 and grew up in the shadow of his father, Thomas. Thomas Hawklin was part of a long line of Hawklin shipbuilders. A man of the sea, he kept that custom going, building ships for the United States government, with hopes of Steven continuing the tradition. Those hopes were dashed however when Steven announced he wanted to be a pilot and he intended to follow his passion of being an aviator. Thomas and Steven had a falling out with Thomas telling Steven he was a fool and there was no future in aviation.
At twenty-years old Steven left to follow his dream.

Soon after Steven left, the Great War in Europe began, and Steven saw an opportunity to advance his piloting skills and join a British fighting force. When America entered the war, he was allowed to join the American pilots and flew combat missions alongside other pioneers such as Eddie Rickenbacker and David Peterson, quickly achieving the rank of Captain.

 While stationed in Europe, Steven met Hardy Miller who worked as a mechanic on the combat planes and the two quickly became friends. Soon after the war, Steven and Hardy set out seeking adventure and fortune across the world traveling to many exotic places. When they arrived in Egypt to work on an archaeological dig with Professor Lucas Gray, they met Oz Lyman.

After his global escapades, Steven returned to his home, Crown City, California where he put his newfound wealth to work for him, creating Hawklin Aviation, and building the worlds largest flight school where he began training his Crusaders, combat pilots to fly in the nation’s only privately funded air force. With the support of President Roosevelt, Steven built a fleet of Silver Avengers, warplanes to patrol America’s western shores.

The 1930’s were a turbulent time, with the great depression and the world approaching a second world war, Steven found himself up against many adversaries out for world domination, or personal gain at the misfortune of others. With his two trusted friends, Hardy and Oz, Steven faced those challenges head on preparing themselves for the evils looming on the horizon.

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There are ten books planned in the series, eight of them already written.

Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates (December 2012)

Captain Hawklin and the Underwater Menace (September 2014)

Captain Hawklin and the Subterranean Empire (August 2015)

Captain Hawklin and the Secrets of Monster Island (May 2017)

Captain Hawklin and the Jade Dragon (February 2018)

Captain Hawklin and the Shadow Men (January 2019)

Captain Hawklin and the Lost Land (March 2020)

Captain Hawklin and the Ghost Army (August 2020)

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