Hardy Regan Miller

Hardy Regan Miller was born January 10th, 1890. A born mechanic, Hardy grew up working on engines with his grandfather who was personal friends with Henry Ford. As engines became more advanced so did Hardy’s proficiency. At 18, he worked closely with Henry Ford and designing new technology for the combustible engine.

Hardy grew up in Ohio and met the Wright Brothers in 1911 studying aviation and becoming close friends with Wilbur until the pioneer’s death in 1912. It was Hardy’s apprenticeship with the Wrights that led him to his lifelong obsession with flying and the mechanics behind aviation.

In 1917, when America entered the First World War, Hardy joined the Air Service (he was 27). There he met a young brash hotshot pilot named Steven Hawklin – a friendship that would endure for the rest of his life.

The pair would travel the world together after the war, finding many adventures throughout the 1920’s a precursor to what they would face in the years to come.

After their global escapades, Hardy returned with Steven to Crown City, California where Steven put his newfound wealth to work for them, creating Hawklin Aviation, and building the world’s largest flight school where they began training pilots that would become Hawklin’s Crusaders – flying the most advanced planes ever built, “The Silver Avenger”, powered by engines designed by Hardy himself.

Throughout the turbulent 1930’s, Hardy and Steven met many challenges, pitting them against enemies both foreign and domestic as the world raced toward a second global conflict that would not only test Hardy and Steven’s mantle but their friendship as well. 

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