Monday, May 30, 2022

Captain Hawklin & the Invisible Enemy Audiobook.

The 2022 Pulp Factory Award winner for Best Novel is now an audiobook ready to you by Layne Ihde. 

Siberia 1931: Captain Steven Hawklin is known worldwide as an adventurer, explorer, and hero. Mantles put to the test when he is faced with humiliation after the destruction of the Osiris Project. 

Unable to face failure, Steven takes a dark path, turning his back on his dreams, his career, and his friends. When he is approached by Alla Sokol, a Russian scientist on the run from her government after the failure of a secret Soviet project, Steven finds a path to his own redemption in the frozen wastelands of Siberia.

They are pursued by a relentless Russian Major, hell-bent on eradicating anyone involved in the experiment. Can Steven prevent him from killing Alla, stop the invisible creature created by the insidious research, and deal with his own demons in the process? 

Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy is a throwback to times gone by, in the tradition of Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, Indiana Jones, and the Rocketeer. Order your copy here

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