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Meet Lance Star: Written by Bobby Nash

Who is Lance Star? If you're a follower of Captain Hawklin, you'll know by now the two pulp airaces have encountered each other before, and their exploit can be found in the pages of the Award Winning  PULP REALITY-1 Called: "Showdown on Scavenger Quay" written by Lance Star's scriber himself, Bobby Nash. 
The two pulp adventurers will meet again in the upcoming PULP REALITY 4, this time written by Hawklin creator Charles F. Millhouse. But who is Lance Star? Keep reading loyal Crusader because Bobby Nash himself will reveal all. Enjoy...

After his mother’s untimely death when he was quite young, Lance Star spent his formative years traveling the world with his adventurous pilot father, Landon Star. The elder Star and his friend, Professor Simon Prentiss Sr., an archeologist, sought ancient relics, lost civilizations, and hidden treasures. What they found was a life filled with adventure, danger, discovery, and so much more. 

Lance and young Simon Prentiss joined their fathers on countless outings and treasure hunts, moving from one adventure to another, facing death-defying dangers along the way. All the while, Lance's skills as a pilot grew and improved under his father’s tutelage. 

The holy grail for Landon and Simon Sr. was a mystic artifact known as the Crown of Gengis Kai, an elusive treasure that many in academic circles believed to be a myth. That did not stop either man from looking. Each time they thought they had a lead, they would head off with the promise of new stories when they returned. 

Lance remembered the disappointment in his father’s eyes each time they came home without the crown in their possession. Eventually, they gave up the search, but other adventures took its place. Like other idealistic teenagers, Lance thought his life would continue like that forever. He would soon learn that the one constant in life is change. It wasn’t long after that Professor Prentiss passed away. A heart attack took him in his sleep. It was a peaceful end. Simon, of course, took it hard. In the days and weeks that followed, as he poured through his father’s papers, thoughts of finding and recovering the Crown of Gengis Kai consumed Simon Prentiss Jr. as it had his father. 

In an effort to help his friend’s son put his demons to rest, Landon Star agreed to rejoin the search for the crown. They had both assumed that young Lance would happily leap into the adventure with them. They were wrong. Lance watched the search for the mythic doo dad kill his friend’s father. The professor had died of a heart attack, but it was his defeat over not finding his prize that ultimately did him in. Lance feared that the same fate awaited his father and his friend, and he decided to have no part of it. 

It caused a rift between Lance and Simon that took many years to heal. It was another mutual friend, Red Davis, who helped the boys bury the hatchet. The division between father and son was less deep, but they eventually got past it and the Star boys had many adventures of their own seeking the lost treasures of the world. It was on one of those trips where Landon, Lance, Simon, and Red met Buck Tellonger. They had come to Bangladesh following a lead on a major artifact. Though they all almost died at least once on this caper, they returned home with a valuable treasure and a new friend in Buck Tellonger. 
Buck was a bulldog of a man, gruff, a fighter, but also a lover of life and, even though he tried to hide it, a good man. After a rocky start, they became fast friends and shared several other adventures over the years. Being older and more experienced , Buck became a mentor to young Lance. Where his father had shown him the wonders and beauty of planet Earth, Buck introduced Lance to its seamy underbelly, the dark bars, hidden back alleys, and places honest men feared to tread. Buck's experiences growing up were polar opposites of his young friends. Lance learned all he could. Seeing the world, Lance received an education different from any he ever could have received sitting inside a stuffy old classroom. 

Those real-world lessons would serve him well over the years. Then war broke out and the world fell into chaos. With what would later come to be called World War I heating up overseas, Buck returned to military service for his country while Landon and his son, now a teenager, returned home to the United States. It would be a few years before Buck would meet up with Lance again, but sadly he never saw his friend, Landon again. 

Once again on the trail of the Crown of Gengis Kai, the latest information he had collected pointed toward Cairo. Landon Star loaded the plane and flew off in search of his greatest find alone. He told his son that he would be back soon. Landon Star never returned from that mission. Lance Star was alone. Learning of his friend’s disappearance, Buck Telonger returned to the United States where he became Lance’s guardian, as stipulated in Landon’s will. He never tried to replace his father, but Buck Tellonger was the closest thing to a parent Lance had in this world. Sadly, there was little time to mourn because the world went to war and anyone who knew how to fly a plane was pressed into service, even teenagers with nothing left to lose. 

In the war, Lance Star excelled, becoming one of the youngest pilots to become an Ace. Together, the team of Lance Star and Buck Tellonger thrived, air aces in combat, brawlers on the ground. There was no trouble the duo couldn’t get themselves out of after getting themselves into it. Around this time, they met other aces, many of whom would later become Sky Rangers after the war concluded. That included Lance’s childhood friend, Red Davis. Realizing that the war would eventually end, Lance started making plans for the future. 

After World War One ended, though no one knew at that time there would be a second conflict to follow, Lance Star returned to his family home in upstate New York where he put those plans he had long thought about into action. Taking his family savings and selling his parent's house, Lance bought land and planted his flag. This would be the new home of Lance Star, Inc. Lance had a dream. He would design and build aircraft, both traditional and custom designs. 

Using his adventurous past as a guide for creating aircraft that could navigate those terrains he had trod in his youth. For his plan to work, he needed a team. Calling upon those pilots, designers, and mechanics he had once served alongside, Lance Star built a team to bring his dream to life. He dubbed his new team Sky Rangers. 

Buck Tellonger accepted a generous offer to join the family business as Vice President and second in command of the Sky Rangers. And thus was a legend born. Lance’s spirit of adventure never left him. He looked forward to many more exciting exploits to come. Both on his own and with the Sky Rangers at his side, Lance Star had many more adventures. Then, one fateful day, visitors arrived. Betty Terrell had brought you young brother, Skip for flight lessons. It was love at first sight for Lance the moment he laid eyes on Betty. It would take a little time for her to realize her feelings for him, but that is a story for another day. 

Young Skip became Star Field’s mascot, a kid brother to the Sky Rangers before eventually joining their ranks. Sadly, young Skip lost his life high over the Swiss Alps when he and Lance were ambushed by an old enemy from the war, Baron Otto Von Blood. After Skip's death, Lance vowed to take his revenge on the enemy pilot. The hunt continues. Lance would never give up until his friend’s killer was brought to justice. 

Lance Star and the Sky Rangers’ adventures continue.

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Bobby Nash is an An award-winning author, he writes novels, comic books, short stories, novellas, graphic novels, and the occasional screenplay for a variety of publishers. He is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers and International Thriller Writers. On occasion, Bobby appears in movies and TV shows, usually standing behind your favorite actor and sometimes they let him act. Recently, he was seen in Creepshow, Joe Stryker, Doom Patrol, The Outsider, Ozark, Lodge 49, Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters, and more. He also draws from time to time.
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